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  1. Q Do you have uniforms for trainees?

    We used have uniforms for trainees, but we don't have them any more. You can wear any neat clothes when you come to the class. You also need to prepare your own comfortable clothes, shoes, hats and sunglasses for outing.
  2. Q How is it like the 'Healing in Nature' program in the aftern…

    Usually we don't have lectures in the afternoon, but we go out in the nature for healing. You will enjoy the beauty of the nature that God created. Jeju island is famous for beautiful nature such as 1) Oreum (small volcanic mountains), 2) Olleh roads (26 courses, 430km total), 3) Forest paths. You can enjoy bathing and earthing on the nearby beach.
  3. Q Who are the main speakers for regular training programs?

    We have resident professors and invited professors. The speakers are changing depend on the programs.
  4. Q Can I bring my pet dog?

    We are sorry, but according to our operating policy, pets such as dogs and cats are not permitted to bring.
  5. Q Is it possible to cook privately at Leadership Training Cent…

    Yes. We have a small dining room where you can cook for yourself. The dining room is ready to use for the group less than 10. However, you cannot cook meat, fish or any food with strong smell.^^
  6. Q Buying meals at the cafeteria is always available?

    No. We run the Cafeteria for 10 or more people groups. Meals served here are delicious and healthy vegan menu. If your gorup is less than 10, you can use dining room on the 3rd floor at Living Hall B. Also we can introduce nearby restaurants where you can enjoy your vegetarian food.
  7. Q How many people can stay in each room?

    Two(2) persons can stay in a room.
  8. Q Can I rent a car from Leadership Training Center?

    We are sorry. Leadership Training Center has a van, but it's not for rent. The van is used for purchasing food meterial or should be ready for emergency.
  9. Q How to get the Leadership Training Center from Jeju airport?

    You can use passenger car or public transportation(bus or taxi). You can find bus schedule on "Direction" at "About Us" menu. I takes about an hour from the airport to Leadership Training Center.
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