Winter Camp for Pastors' Kids

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Pastors' Kids Winter Camp is going to open soon.

Especially for high school seniors who are going to graduate soon this program designed.

For they will be exposed by huge wave of secular culture at college and in the society soon.

This camp would be so nice opportunity for them.

Date : Dec. 21st(Mon) 16:00 - 24th(Thur) 12:00

Vanue : NSD Leadership Training Center in Jeju

Participants : PKs(Pastors' Kids who are Seniors of high school)

Speakers : Byung Gil Hong, Kyung Sang Sohn, Min Kyung Cha, Jason Yoon

Registration Fee : Free (Supported by NSD, KUC, and Confereces)

             Air Ticket : Participants

Inquiring Phone : 82-64-805-9010